How to Seal Water Stains On a Ceiling


How to seal water stains on a ceiling


Weather Damage? Here’s How to Seal Water Stains On a Ceiling

Step one: Remove the source of the moisture

Step two: Check the ceiling to make sure it is in sound condition

Step three: Wait for the ceiling to thoroughly dry

Step four: Remove any mildew with a mild bleach and water solution

Step five: Scape and sand any loose paint until problem area has a smooth finish

Step six: Coat with a stain killing primer such as Insl-x Seal Lock or Insl-x-Prime Lock

Step seven: Paint with a coat of Benjamin Moore Ceiling paint

Step eight: Paint the entire ceiling for a more uniform finish

Step nine: Paint a second coat for the best overall appearance.

Step ten: Send us a picture of your finished ceiling job and we will post it on one of our social sites!


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Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint Now In Any Color!

Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint With Colormatch
Images courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has just introduced a new line of latex chalkboard paint that can be tinted to any hue in the company’s 3,300-shade spectrum, allowing retailers like Babel’s to offer unlimited color matching for our customers.

“This paint can turn virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard. We are very excited to have this new line of paint,” says Jeanne Babel, Babel’s Vice President. “It’s fun to watch our customers and home design staff discover the creative possibilities.”

The new paint, known as the Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint (308) is a latex topcoat with an eggshell finish, that is easy to apply, and dries in a matter of hours. The surface is durable, easy to clean, and fully washable.


Chalkboard paint checkerboard idea

IA_int_chalkboard_list_197x117It is ideal for a child’s bedroom or playroom, and is also being used to paint surfaces in the kitchen- which can serve as a message center for shopping lists and household reminders.

You can pick up your Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint in any of our Babel’s locations in Norwood, Needham Center, Foxboro and Canton. The Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint is sold in quarts only, and retails for $21.99.

Check out Benjamin Moore’s website for other Chalkboard paint ideas

Babel’s Introduces Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Paint

Babel’s Introduces Benjamin Moore’s New Color Stories Paint

Every color tells a unique story……

What do Lilianna, Summer’s Day, Perfectly Pesto, and Granny Smith have in common? They are paint color names for some of the new shades of green from the new Color Stories Paint Collection from Benjamin Moore.

Wait until you see this new palette of colors which has just arrived exclusively at Babel’s Paint and Decorating Store in Norwood, Ma.

What makes the Color Stories Paint System so extraordinary? “It’s all about the colors” says Jeanne Babel, of Babel’s Paint and Decorating Stores, “each one is truly unique.” These new paint colors reside in their own universe between current, existing shades and the range of hues is limited to 200. These new colors by Benjamin Moore have been carefully chosen for their versatility, compatibility, and dependability with a variety of architectural styles and lighting environments.

And unlike most other colors in the design industry these colors are formulated without black or gray tints and so many more pigments are required per color. The result is that these colors just work better with our customer’s fabrics and other décor elements.

With such an unprecedented array of truly unique and natural hues to choose from, creating your own color story has never been easier or more exciting. Inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and pure imagination, each color tells its enticing tale. For example, one of our favorite gold tones is called Fireside Chat and on the back of the painted chip the color is described with these words “The fire’s cheery glow illuminates the room with a soft light, wrapping you in a blanket of warmth and happiness.” And now you can combine them into a personal palette and let them tell your story.

So, we invite you to stop by Babel’s Norwood Paint and Decorating Store location for Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Paint and take a look at our new Color Story Display – we think you’ll love it!

What Does It Mean To Be A “Green” Friendly Business?

Babels offers eco-friendly alternatives to manufactured products. We can incorporate many “Green” products and remodeling ideas into your project such as eco-friendly wall covering, low or no VOC paints and stains, home remodeling materials, natural material blinds, shades, and home furnishings.


In addition to our products, Babels also promises to always take in to consideration the impact that our business operations and products have on our environment. It is our pledge to “do the right thing” when it comes to selling “green” products, giving advice regarding the use and disposal of all home improvement products that we sell, and offering green product alternatives.






Summary:   We are your “Green” Friendly Business

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